Brother and sister, Clemence and Matthieu launched the brand CÔME in 2014, born of the encounter of an artistic sensibility and a pragmatic spirit.

The spirit of the brand is thus built around the theme of duality.

CÔME becomes the expression of their complementary oppositions.

Mixed first name from the Greek Kosmos, CÔME means Universe, but also harmony and by extension everything that can balance and connect things between them.

We find this dualism even in products: Reversible, bicoloured, union of two materials, superimpositions of patterns, crossing in lines, symmetry in form, everything in creations splits and responds.

The duo makes clothes in its image: femininity androgynous, modern classicism, graphic flexibility, neglected subtlety.

CÔME collaborates with the best European suppliers and the collections are produced between Paris and Porto in small family workshops selected for their know-how. 

CÔME also develops ethical and solidarity projects by creating partnerships with charitable associations on artistic projects that are part of their DNA.