Twins for peace

It was in 2009 that the twins Maxime and Alexandre Mussard and their childhood friend Louis-Félix de Fenoyl launched the Twins for Peace project. A brand of French fashion, whose solidarity is one of the engines, thanks to the creation of shoes, clothing and accessories.

At Twins for Peace, they believe it is the duty of everyone to participate in improving the lives of those in need. Social and environmental issues are becoming increasingly important concerns and as the world continues to debate best practices at Twins for Peace they are taking steps to play their part in making effective progress. For the founders, being 'cool' is about being 'good', benevolent, humane and generous.

Through the sale of its products, Twins for Peace helps children in need around the world. For each pair of shoes purchased, a pair locally and durably produced is offered to a child who needs it during a "Shoe Project".

On the other hand, a percentage of sales of accessories and clothing are used to finance the development of education and health programs. Each year, they organize in partnership with a humanitarian association, a "Shoe Project" in a selected country.

They work only with associations that have strong roots in the country and know their needs perfectly. So far, Twins for Peace has offered nearly 25,000 pairs of shoes in their "Shoe Projects" in 6 countries.